CRDC's cotton grower survey

Have Your Say banner image for the Cotton Grower Survey.

CRDC conducts a Cotton Grower Survey annually. The survey opens each year in June, and all growers and farm managers are invited to participate. 

The survey takes around 20 minutes to complete, and provides valuable information to CRDC and the cotton industry about the industry, on-farm practices, and priority areas for future research.

The survey is conducted by a professional researcher team, Intuitive Solutions, who have many years of experience in conducting surveys. Importantly, the information collected in the survey remains confidential, and only aggregated, anonymous information is passed on to CRDC. 

The results of the survey are published annually via both a user-friendly PDF report, and an interactive digital dashboard, enabling you to explore the data in more depth. 

For the most recent survey report, view Grower Survey in publications.

For questions re the Cotton Grower Survey, please contact CRDC: 02 6792 4088.