Spotlight Magazine - Summer 2016-17

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December, 2016

The summer edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, shines a light on the triple threat of insects, diseases and weeds facing cotton growers, as a result of so much spring rain. This edition includes CRDC's latest pest research results, which highlight the need to practice sound Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It also takes a look at CRDC's latest investments into disease research, which have doubled in response to grower feedback, with a particular focus on verticillium. And it delves into the issue of herbicide resistance in weeds, investigating CRDC's investments into robotic and alternative methods of control. 

Also in this issue, we introduce CRDC's new chair Richard Haire, our newest Nuffield scholar Daniel Kahl, and two of this year's Future Cotton Leaders, Emma Ayliffe and Dave Walton. We also take a look at how the industry's research priorities are set in the annual CRDC Strategic Forum, and provide a snapshot of CRDC's major achievements during 2015-16.