Spotlight Magazine - Winter 2017

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June, 2017

The winter edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, tackles the ongoing threats posed by diseases and weeds. It investigates the partnership between growers, extension officers and pathologists, who are working together to make a breakthrough in the management of Verticillium wilt. 

It also looks at research into weeds management and the development of tools to help growers manage herbicide resistance - helping to avoid scenarios experienced overseas, where weeds are becoming resistant to many modes of herbicide resistance. A newly developed predictive modelling tool can help growers determine both the resistance and economic outcomes of weed control programs. 

This edition also explores developments in two CRDC-supported projects, aimed at specifically addressing the farming systems research needs of dryland cotton growers and cotton production management in Southern NSW. And it highlights examples of our investments in people and the impact they are making: from Nuffield Scholars to Young Farming Champions and Science and Innovation Awardees. 

Finally, this issue also contains CRDC's list of R&D projects for 2018-19. This list highlights the scope and direction of our research investments as we enter the final year of the 2013-18 Strategic R&D Plan.