Spotlight Magazine - Spring 2017

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September, 2017

The spring edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, is a special IPM edition. This edition shines the spotlight on early season insect management and the benefits to growers of using integrated pest management principles. The cotton industry has invested many millions of grower and government dollars into pest management, resulting in one of the most robust systems in the world.

Grower Andrew Watson and consultant Rob Weinthal share their experience in controlling pests without sprayed insecticides, which shows what can be achieved when the world class research from industry scientists is enacted. This edition also explores the issue of resistance and the role predators and beneficials play in pest control. Since its formation, CRDC has invested heavily in pest management research – with a focus on created integrated systems that are sustainable and work with the natural environment. CRDC continues to do this through projects researching pest suppressive landscapes, pest ecology, novel soft treatment options and resistance monitoring programs.

Additionally, this edition of Spotlight also features the most recent results of the Australian Cotton Comparative Analysis undertaken in co-operation with Boyce Accountants. This report reiterates that the ‘top 20 percent farmers’ are successful because they operate in some key ways: they pay attention to their operating costs, have consistent marketing strategies, invest in productive labour and reliable machinery, and use sustainable farming techniques. As the report shows, the lowest cost options can often have the biggest impact on the bottom line.