Hot off the press: Rhys's research wins dual awards! (7 March 2018)

Rhys Pirie, a PhD student at the University of QLD has been awarded two prestigious ABARES Science and Innovation Awards for Young People in Agriculture by the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources in Canberra overnight.

Rhys was selected for the first award - the CRDC-supported Science and Innovation Award - for his focus on re-purposing organic wastes (such as livestock manure, biosolids and cotton gin trash) as fertilisers and soil ameliorants: helping growers optimise resource efficiency and improve their environmental impact.

He was then selected from the field of awardees for the second award - the Minister's Science and Innovation Award - by the Minister. As part of the Awards, Rhys will receive two grants to undertake his research project. Congratulations, Rhys! 

CRDC supports the ABARES awards annually. Applications for the 2019 awards will open later this year. For more information, visit the Science and Innovation Awards website. 

Pictured at the Awards ceremony: Secretary of the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, Daryl Quinlivan; Science and Innovation Awardee, Rhys Pirie; Agricultural Chief Scientist and Australian Chief Plant Protection Officer, Robyn Cleland (A/g); Executive Director of CRDC, Bruce Finney. Photo courtesy Steve Keough Photography.