Reporting Templates & Guidelines

Reporting is an important part of working with the CRDC. If you are successful in securing funding your contractual arrangement will outline your reporting requirements, such as progress reports, final reports, travel reports, annual financial statements and IP registers. A summary of the CRDC’s required reports is as follows:

Progress Reporting

For all CRDC-funded research projects, a progress report is required every six months for the life of a project (the only exception is the last six months, when a final report will be submitted). For Postgraduate Scholarships, the supervisor of the scholarship recipient is to provide a summary report on the progress of the recipient as part of the progress report. Note: the progress report template has recently been updated to include a new section that captures outputs produced and project collaborations. An example document has been produced to provide guidance to researchers re the completion of the new template. 

Download the progress report template here.
Download the outputs and outcomes example document here.

Final Reports

At the conclusion of a CRDC-funded research project, the researchers must provide a final report (an electronic copy) to the CRDC by the date specified in the contract or within 60 business days after the end of the project. Final reports will be published on the Inside Cotton website unless deemed to be Commercial In-Confidence or confidential. In this instance, a version suitable for public release will be required.

For Postgraduate Scholarships, students must email a copy of their plain English summary when they submit their thesis for examination. Once approved, a bound copy of the thesis is to be provided to CRDC together with an electronic copy of the document.

In July 2020, CRDC introduced a new final report template, with greater emphasis on monitoring and evaluation against CRDC's Strategic Plan. The new template refers to a document outlining examples of RD&E outputs/outcomes 2020

Download our new final report template here

Travel & Scientific Exchange Reporting

Reporting required for Travel Grants and Scientific Exchanges is dependent on the nature of the travel. CRDC may require a comprehensive report which will be communicated to the applicant at the time of investment approval. In most cases, a report reviewing travel and/or conference participation is due within 30 business days of completing the travel and/or conference attendance.

Download the travel report template here.

Annual Financial Statements

CRDC requires researchers to provide an annual financial statement for each project by the date specified in the contact or within 40 business days of the end of each financial year. The statement must be in the format provided by CRDC and authorised by an independent accounting officer. If required, this may be accompanied by a carry forward request and/or budgetary transfer.

Download the annual financial statement template.

Reporting and CRDC’s Schedule of Payments

CRDC generally makes quarterly payments tied to reporting milestones. Frequency of payments will now depend on the duration of each contract, type of investment and any special conditions contained in a grant of agreement. CRDC makes four investment payments in a financial year for a research project, one every three months. Importantly, CRDC does not make payments until it has received and approved milestone reports from the researcher. CRDC shall withhold final payments until the final report, final register, intellectual property and final financial statements (or a satisfactory equivalent as determined by CRDC) has been received and approved by CRDC.


Extension requests for CRDC-supported research reports

Requests for deadline extensions for CRDC-supported research reports are subject to a formal approval process. Requests for extensions must be completed on the following form, which is to be submitted to CRDC ( via the research organisation's administration team.

Once received, the request for extension will be considered by the relevant CRDC R&D Manager. Please note: a request for a deadline extension does not guarantee approval. CRDC will respond with the request outcome via return email. This new approach ensures that all relevant parties are aware of the request, and the potential impacts to project timelines.

Please note: an extension to a final report deadline does not allow project funds to be expended past the project end date. If a researcher requires funds past the project end date, a separate variation request will also be required.

Download the report deadline extension request form here