CRDC brand

CRDC's research partners are able to download the CRDC brand and the guidelines from this page, to use on materials and publications that have been produced through CRDC-supported research projects. Use of the brand is governed by the guidelines, and the CRDC publications clause. 

CRDC logo - Cotton Research and Development Corporation.               

Download the CRDC brand pack 

   CRDC logo guidelines document cover image     

 Download the CRDC logo guidelines

CRDC publication clause

The CRDC research deed contains a publication clause, relevant to all who receive funding from CRDC – be it for research or scholarships.

The clause relates to approval and acknowledgement of CRDC in all publications (including media releases, journal articles, conference papers, research posters, social and online media, video interviews, dedicated publications and brochures, e-newsletters etc).

The clause asks all CRDC-supported researchers to send materials to the relevant CRDC Innovation Broker before publishing, for a number of reasons: to check for accuracy, to provide helpful suggestions, to ensure no IP or commercialisation issues, and to provide content for CRDC’s Spotlight magazine. It also requires researchers to acknowledge CRDC’s funding, so that the two key CRDC stakeholders – cotton growers and the Australian Government – can see where funds are being spent.

For more information on the publication clause, and the acknowledgement required, download the CRDC Researchers' Handbook