Sustainability & Competitiveness

Goal 2: Improve cotton farming sustainability and value chain competitiveness

Why do we need to improve cotton farming sustainability and value chain competitiveness?

It is essential that cotton farming sustainability and value chain competitiveness be improved, with CRDC collaboratively driving the agenda and research for sustainable production to boost competitive advantage for the Australian cotton industry.

Improved value chain competitiveness can be achieved by increasing the value of cotton, such as through developing higher-value uses and improving cotton product performance. An increased value for cotton will capitalise on farm production yields and maximise profits.

Understanding, improving and reporting on cotton’s environmental and social footprint, and integrating systems to allow traceability throughout the value chain, will better fulfil market requirements and increase our market strength.

Improving value chain competitiveness and sustainability aims to derive $0.5 billion in greater value for growers. It will also help achieve Australian cotton’s ambition to be the highest yielding, finest, cleanest and most responsibly produced cotton in the world.

Key focus areas and activities:

1. Sustainability of cotton farming

Delivered by:

  • Undertaking research on how to improve the most significant components of cotton’s environmental footprint, including water and nitrogen management, native vegetation and soil carbon
  • Understanding and informing the methodologies and metrics used to assess the footprint of raw materials and their value chains

2. Creating higher-value uses for cotton

Delivered by:

  • Identifying opportunities for improving cotton product performance, and high-value uses for cotton
  • Investigating market requirements and opportunities throughout the value chain, and communicating those to industry

3. Measurement and reporting throughout the value chain

Delivered by:

  • Facilitating and participating in global sustainability forums
  • Providing information to the value chain