Pillar 2: People

'People' is the second pillar under Clever Cotton. It recognises that people are central to cotton's success. The themes of the People pillar – Design and innovation; Leadership and capacity; and Adoption and impact – ensure that in developing our world-class research capability, we are providing practical RD&E solutions and increasing the reach and impact of adoption. We will measure our success in this pillar by the level of satisfaction in CRDC by growers and research partners.

Design and innovation

Objective: Embed collaboration in RD&E prioritisation, design, development, and adoption.
Impact: In 2028, growers can see RD&E addressing their problems and creating practical solutions to be adapted and adopted into their production systems.

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Leadership and capacity

Objective: Develop people and skills to support industry RD&E.
Impact: In 2028, the development of world-class research capability supports industry goals.

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Adoption and impact

Objective: Adopt knowledge and technology through dedicated development and delivery pathways.  
Impact: In 2028, adoption has increased its rate, reach and effectiveness. 

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