Pillar 3: Planet

'Planet' is the third pillar under Clever Cotton. It recognises the importance of environmental sustainability in ensuring a successful future for the cotton industry. The themes of the Planet pillar – Natural capital; Carbon; and Circular economy – ensure that the cotton industry contributes positively to the environment, meeting community, government and market expectations. CRDC will measure its success in this pillar by the level of trust the industry has from the community, the market and government about how it manages and reports on its environmental and social impacts.

Natural capital

Objective: Implement resilient natural capital practices that support productivity, help maintain biodiverse ecosystems, strengthen capacity for adaptation to climate change, and progressively improve regional water, land and soil quality.
Impact: In 2028, cotton farms have maintained and enhanced natural capital and are more resilient to shocks.

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Objective: Establish a sustainable low-carbon cotton production system for a changing future. 
Impact: In 2028, the cotton industry meets market, community and government expectations for carbon.

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Circular economy

Objective: Develop the circular economy for Australian cotton.
Impact: In 2028, the cotton industry can participate in the circular economy, providing lasting end-of-life solutions for cotton textiles.

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