Pillar 1: Paddock

'Paddock' is the first pillar under Clever Cotton. It focuses on the on-farm cotton system. The themes of the Paddock pillar – Data-driven decisions; Adaptive systems; and Connected market intelligence – unite data and insights to support thriving cotton farms producing a premium product being demanded by the market. CRDC will measure its success in this pillar by the economic value the three themes add to the industry over the next five to ten years. CRDC's 2028 target for added value is $1 billion.

Data-driven decisions

Objective: Improve productivity, profitability, and sustainability by accurately monitoring and measuring every field on every cotton farm.
Impact: In 2028, a transparent and trusted data platform will deliver increased profitability and productivity through better decision-making, facilitating innovative research, and building trusted engagement.

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Adaptive systems 

Including four sub-themes: Solving farming system constraints (water, agronomy, climate change); Disease; Biosecurity; Northern Australia

Objective: Grow the profitability and resilience of Australian cotton-farming systems through innovative solutions, technologies, and practices.
Impact: In 2028, Australian cotton-farming systems are resilient, biosecure, and able to thrive in an increasingly variable climate with enhanced resource efficiency.

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Connected market intelligence

Objective: Enhance the sustainability, market access and diversity, and value of Australian cotton.
Impact: In 2028, Australian cotton growers are preferred suppliers of sustainable cotton.

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