RD&E Impact

Enabling Strategy 2: Driving RD&E impact

Why do we need to drive RD&E impact?

CRDC’s RD&E investments are designed to enhance the environmental, social and economic benefits to cotton growers, the cotton industry, regional communities and the Australian public.

As an RDC, CRDC has an obligation to ensure that all the investments we make deliver impact for our stakeholders. To achieve this, it is essential CRDC understands the RD&E priorities of our stakeholders and has the foundations in place to effectively deliver those needs through our RD&E investments.

We must also measure, evaluate and communicate the impact and effectiveness of our RD&E in an open and transparent way to our stakeholders.

By driving and communicating the impacts of our RD&E investments, CRDC will create value for our stakeholders, grow the industry and maintain confidence in RD&E.

Key focus areas and activities:

1. Impact and effectiveness

Delivered by:

  • Engaging with stakeholders and partners annually to identify and prioritise the challenges and opportunities facing the Australian cotton industry
  • Assessing and monitoring the effectiveness of RD&E investments and the extent to which stakeholder priorities are addressed
  • Assessing the impact and return on investment from RD&E projects
  • Effectively communicating the outcomes and impacts of RD&E investments to stakeholders