Partnerships & Adoption

Enabling Strategy 1: Strengthening partnerships and adoption

Why do we need to strengthen partnerships and adoption?

CRDC, as an investment organisation, relies on high-quality partnerships with research providers to deliver findings and innovations that address new and existing challenges for the benefit of the industry in the long term.

For the Australian cotton industry to benefit from research investments, the outcomes need to be rapidly extended and adopted, and as applicable, commercialised.

CRDC is a partner in the industry’s joint venture extension program, CottonInfo, in conjunction with Cotton Seed Distributors and Cotton Australia, delivering research findings and best practice information to growers.

To implement this Strategic Plan, it is paramount that we continue to collaborate and further strengthen relationships with our partners across the cotton industry.

Working together and developing partnerships will ensure the adoption pathway for research outcomes is effective and meets the needs of cotton growers.

Key focus areas and activities:

1. Partnerships and collaboration

Delivered by:

  • Investing in research that meets the needs of growers and consultants and working with partners to tailor and disseminate research outcomes
  • Working collaboratively with CottonInfo to demonstrate, build and communicate practical applications for R&D outcomes
  • Working collaboratively for mutual benefit

2. Best practice (myBMP)

Delivered by:

  • Working closely with partners to ensure R&D outcomes are included in myBMP practice modules

3. Innovation and commercialisation

Delivered by:

  • Working with research partners from development to proof of concept and commercialisation (where a strong business case exists)