Adaptive Capacity

Goal 3: Build adaptive capacity of the cotton industry

Why do we need to build the adaptive capacity of the Australian cotton industry?

The Australian cotton industry is in an era of significant change with rapid advances in technology transforming the way we farm and undertake research. The environment in which we operate also poses challenges, with climate variability and natural capital constraints testing the resilience of our farming systems.

It is essential that we maximise the opportunities afforded by the agricultural technology revolution and minimise the disruptions posed by climate variability and natural capital constraints. To do this, the Australian cotton industry needs to enhance our scientific research capability, acquire new talent and facilitate the local and global exchange of ideas required to strengthen our adaptive capacity. This will ensure we are prepared and ready to respond to the changing environment.

Building adaptive capacity will enable the industry to achieve its future vision and allow Australian cotton to innovate and find solutions to existing and new problems – and bring those innovations to the marketplace more rapidly.

It will also allow our industry to take a leading role in investing in cotton research and innovation internationally.

Key focus areas and activities:

1. Science and innovation capability, and new knowledge

Delivered by:

  • Facilitating and participating in global initiatives, supporting researchers to use new technologies and uses for data, and creating and facilitating opportunities for national and international RD&E exchange
  • Investigating regional community demographics and available service providers and supporting opportunities for greater diversity in the cotton industry
  • Working collaboratively with cross-sectorial partners to support regional innovation

2. Futures thinking

Delivered by:

  • Assessing and monitoring grower resilience and on-farm natural capital, and supporting and communicating initiatives to address knowledge gaps
  • Investigating existing and future markets for Australian cotton and communicating this to the industry