Vision 2029


In 2009, Australian cotton industry leaders recognised that the industry needed a clear plan for the future and saw the potential for a shared vision to be created to enhance the industry’s performance, collaboration and capacity. The purpose of developing a shared vision was to enable the industry to recognise future challenges and opportunities, and most importantly, align its thinking and its planning – working together to plan for the future. As a result, the Vision 2029 project commenced in September 2009 as a collaboration between CRDC, Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Industry Council (now the Australian Cotton Industry Forum). 

Vision 2029 and six key objectives for Australian cotton’s preferred future resulted from this collaboration.

In 2019, following a review of the currency of the vision, ‘innovative’ was added as a seventh objective to reflect its fundamental and increasing strategic importance. The impact of the digital revolution has been explicitly recognised, as has the maturity of cotton as an outward-looking industry that places great importance on understanding and responding to changing consumer and community expectations as the basis for trust and social license.

The updated Vision 2029 - outlining the seven key objectives - was released in February 2019.