Spotlight magazine - Winter 2024


The Winter 2024 edition of Spotlight takes a look at the just-released Fourth Environmental Assessment, commissioned by CRDC and Cotton Australia as part of our industry’s PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK. Sustainability Framework, and some of its recommendations.

The Australian cotton industry is no stranger to scrutiny from outsiders. But with 30 years of independent and publicly available environmental assessments and reporting, arguably the greatest scrutiny comes from within our industry itself. There is no other agricultural industry in Australia with such a long history of examining its own progress in such an independent, transparent way.

After three decades, and with such strategies in place as the framework, 10-year assessments, five-yearly reports and annual updates, our industry is well ahead of the curve when it comes to commitment and credentials. But, as ever, there is still work to do.

At CRDC, one of our key goals is helping growers prepare for a world of increased scrutiny and ensuring we as an industry can meet ever-changing global requirements to maintain market access.

In this edition, we’ve included information on how growers can be involved in setting research priorities: from speaking directly to our team of experienced Innovation Brokers, led by our new General Manager, Innovation, Dr Merry Conaty, through to representing your local growers and Cotton Grower Association at the twice yearly priority setting forums. A great opportunity will be at the Australian Cotton Conference in August. As Foundation Sponsors, our CRDC team will be at the Conference, and look forward to talking to you about your research needs.

All this, and more, in Spotlight