Spotlight Magazine - Autumn 2017

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March, 2017

The autumn edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, investigates the outcomes of CRDC-funded research helping Central Queensland growers overcome climate challenges. Three years after the applied on-farm research project commenced in the Central Highlands, it has now been put into practice commercially this season, with great success. In this edition, we outline the results of the research - including improved yield and quality - from a number of different local perspectives.

Also in this edition we outline CRDC's plans for the future, including the newly launched Rural.XO microhack initiative, giving disruptors and entreprenuers the opportunity to challenge the status quo; we talk about turning cotton waste into fine chemicals; and we shine a light on the increasing collaboration between the cotton and grains research endeavours, led by CRDC and our grains counterparts, GRDC.

Also in this issue, CRDC-supported researcher Rhiannon Smith goes one-on-one with the Prime Minister about trees; irrigators go south for inspiration on automated irrigation technologies; and we look at future technologies, like high tech polymers being used to curb evaporation from on-farm storages, and a new tool to monitor cotton leaf hydration.