Cotton Pest Management Guide 2021-21


The Cotton Pest Management Guide 2021-22 is the industry’s premium resource for insect, mite and weed control, disease prevention, biosecurity and spray application information. The Guide builds on the wealth of knowledge from research the cotton industry has undertaken since the publication first began in the 1980s and is an important tool for growers, agronomists and consultants alike. Importantly, when it comes to protecting the crop, growers are not alone - insects, weeds and diseases do not respect farm boundaries, so it’s important that the industry works together to manage pests. 

The Cotton Pest Management Guide is published by CRDC and the industry’s joint CottonInfo team and is updated each year to incorporate the latest research and development findings and consistent improvements in industry best practice. 

Previous editions of this publication can be found online at the Inside Cotton website, CRDC's electronic library.