Working together to deliver RD&E benefits

CRDC is one of 15 rural research and development corporations (RDCs) in Australia.

The RDCs deliver research, development and extension for their specific agricultural industries: cotton, grains, meat, wool, fish, wine, eggs, sugar, pork, horticulture and even crocodiles, to name but a few. You may be familiar with GRDC, MLA and AWI, and less familiar with AgriFutures Australia, Fisheries RDC and Wine Australia.

Each RDC invests in diverse projects, but together we form a network that enables primary production through effective RD&E, and delivers substantial benefits at the farm gate and across the economy and society. 

We collectively invest around $580 million in RD&E on behalf of our growers and the Government to improve the profitability and sustainability of our rural industries and communities. We’re the largest productivity-driven industry program in Australia. 

Together, we deliver six key things to our individual industries, and to agriculture as a whole:

  • Innovation and practice improvement;
  • Market access and international competitiveness;
  • Farm gate returns through smarter farming;
  • Employment through new skills and changed practices;
  • Value for money and efficiency, ensuring a return on your investment; and a
  • Leveraged investment through collaboration and co-investment.

For more on the RDCs and how we’re working together to deliver benefits for you, visit the Council of RDCs website.

Rural R&D Corporations infographic