CottonInfo LogoDelivering the outcomes of R&D to growers is the role of CottonInfo – the cotton industry’s joint extension program. The CottonInfo team delivers information and R&D findings to growers, when and where they need it.

The team consists of regional extension officers (located across the cotton growing valleys from Emerald in QLD to Griffith in NSW), technical leads (who are each experts on a range of cotton research priorities), and myBMP staff members (who can assist you with all things myBMP).

The team are there to help you with the latest information on a full range of cotton topics – from water use efficiency, Bt cotton and IPM to biosecurity, weeds, natural resources, carbon, nutrition and soil health, volunteer and ratoon management and spray application.  

Have a question or want to know more about what’s happening in these priority areas? Visit our website, or call one of the CottonInfo team.

CottonInfo is proudly delivered by joint venture partners Cotton Australia, Cotton Seed Distributors and CRDC.