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Applying for Funding

CRDC’s annual procurement round is the key opportunity for researchers and research organisations to apply for funding for research into CRDC’s priority areas.

The procurement round begins with a strategic review of each of the goals under the CRDC 2018-23 Strategic RD&E Plan (through discipline and research priority forums involving CRDC, Cotton Australia, the research advisory panels, CottonInfo and researchers) in May to identify the research needs and gaps.

Following this review, CRDC then releases guidelines through an Expression of Interest (EOI) call inviting researchers to submit Full Research Proposals. The EOI guidelines:

  • Identify the issue to be addressed
  • Provide a brief overview of the project (the idea here is not to be prescriptive, but to allow the researcher to bring their ideas to the project and enable innovation)
  • Define the outcomes to be achieved
  • State any outputs to be delivered
  • Outline selection criteria to be met for the successful awarding of the project.

The EOI guidelines may also provide guidance as to how much CRDC is prepared to invest in a particular area to achieve that outcome.

Once the EOI guidelines are prepared, researchers are asked to develop a Full Research Proposal to address the guidelines. These proposals will then be evaluated by the Cotton Australia panels and CRDC’s R&D Managers, and recommendations made to the CRDC Board.

The CRDC Board will determine the successful projects, and preliminary advice will be provided to researchers (with final advice given once budgetary approvals have been received from the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment).

Key dates: 2021-22 investment round

Please note: the dates in the table may be subject to change, due to the impact of COVID-19 and associated travel restrictions on the CRDC procurement process. We will notify researchers of any changes as they arise.

CRDC to host discipline forums/research priority forums
(due to COVID-19, this year the forums have been replaced with a grower survey re research priorities)
May 2020
CRDC to prepare EOI guidelines June-July 2020
Call for Full Research Proposals (FRPs) Wed 26 August 2020
Researchers to submit FRPs Wed 14 October 2020
CRDC R&D team to review FRPs October 2020
Cotton Australia panels to review FRPs November-December 2020
Recommendations made to CRDC Board January 2021
CRDC Board decision February 2021
Preliminary advice given to applicant March 2021
Approval of Parliamentary Budget Statement by Minister May 2021
Final advice to applicant. Contracts sent May-June 2021
Projects commence 1 July 2021

Expressions of Interest: 2021-22 investment round

The CRDC Expressions of Interest (EOIs) for the 2021-22 funding have now closed. 

How to apply

To apply for CRDC research funding, researchers must follow the application process below.

Please note: all research applications must be entered into CRDC’s web-based project-management system, Clarity.

Application process

  1. Download the Expression of Interest Guidelines, the Full Research Proposal (word document and excel budget sheet) and Clarity access form (all available from August 2020).
  2. When you are ready to submit your application, email your completed Clarity access form to
  3. The CRDC administration team will then send you instructions on how to access and use Clarity.
  4.  In accordance with the requirements of your organisation, enter your FRP into Clarity. Ensure you have allowed sufficient time for your administrator to review your FRP.
  5. Administrators, on behalf of your organisation please check that the FRP and Clarity details are the same, and finalise for submission to CRDC as per the Clarity instructions.

Additional partnership opportunities

Additional partnership and commercialisation opportunities are published here when they arise.

Request for Proposal: Undertaking the Fourth Environmental Assessment of the Australian cotton industry

The Australian cotton industry became the first major agricultural industry to seek a full external examination of its environmental performance with the commissioning of its first environmental audit in 1991. This marked the first cotton-wide commitment to improved sustainability.  Assessments have since been undertaken in 2003 and 2012 and each have showcased achievements and driven further improvements. In response to the 2012 assessment, the industry made a public commitment to undertake this activity every 10 years.

As such, CRDC is now seeking proposals from suitably qualified consultants to undertake the Fourth Environmental Assessment of the Australian cotton industry. To access the request proposal document, please complete this form. Applications close at 5pm, 18 June 2021.