World leaders in cotton - CRDC releases five year report showcasing achievements in cotton RD&E (5 August 2014)

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Released at the Australian Cotton Conference, the CRDC's Achievements in Australian Cotton Research, Development and Extension (RD&E) report highlights the major outcomes achieved by CRDC's investment in RD&E from 2008-13. 

The Australian cotton industry is one of the success stories of Australian agriculture. Australian cotton is the highest yielding, finest, cleanest and greenest cotton in the world. Cotton is an industry taking responsibility by changing its practices to meet the expectations of contemporary society. The key to cotton's success in improving efficiency, sustainability and profitability? The success of its RD&E program, which has created a dynamic culture of innovation within the cotton industry. This report highlights the investments and outcomes delivered by CRDC's RD&E program from 2008-13.

Overall, it is estimated that CRDC's $49.8 million investment between 2008 and 2013 delivered a $348 million benefit to cotton growers and a $697 million benefit to society at large. 

Read the full report here.