'Water in rural communities' the focus for 2016 Enviro-Stories (28 April 2016)

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Enviro-Stories, a program designed to bring children's stories to life, is being run again in cotton communities in 2016 with the theme 'water in rural communities'. 

Enviro-Stories combines literacy, science and sustainability to help support students in the development of their writing, and in learning about their local area, linked with core curriculum outcomes. Since its establishment, the Enviro-Stories program has produced more than 250 student written and illustrated books, with over 70,000 copies distributed to schools and communities across the regions. 

CRDC is a proud supporter of the program, ensuring it is delivered to students throughout NSW and QLD. 

The 'water in rural communities' theme will cover stories on how water is used in country communities; including conserving water, understanding catchments, irrigation management, riparian zones, impacts from floods and droughts, and critically, how important water is to the survival of plants, animals and our communities. Students research, write, illustrate and submit their stories for a chance to become a published author.

For more information, and to access the full library of previously published Enviro-Stories books, visit www.envirostories.com.au