Sustainability focus for Spring Spotlight

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September 1, 2020

The spring edition of CRDC's magazine, Spotlight, is now out. The edition has a focus on sustainability, in line with the industry's current focus on setting new sustainability targets. 

Some of the issues tackled in this edition include include off-target spray drift, nitrogen use and soil health, says CRDC Executive Director, Dr Ian Taylor. 

"CRDC continues to collaborate on many levels, including with other research and development corporations (RDCs) to address issues which have cross-industry implications," Ian said.

"Addressing spray drift is one of these. This edition includes several articles showcasing how CRDC are finding novel methods to address this issue in partnership with GRDC, and with the Australian Government’s BRII initiative, and how behavioural psychology has been used to understand more about why it happens."

Biosecurity is another successful collaboration for CRDC through the Plant Biosecurity Research Initiative. Along with the other plant RDCs, CRDC has joined to support this initiative for a second time. As a result of PBRI and through networks of collaboration, a new international project addressing the recently arrived fall armyworm has begun.

"We also have a deep focus on nitrogen and soil in this edition. Nitrogen use efficiency must be improved, and the industry has a wealth of information available through previous CRDC-supported research to help understand the processes involved in nitrogen uptake and use by cotton," Ian said.

"In this edition, we’ve included a section of current research, to showcase the quality and breadth of the work underway – helping us to reach our sustainability target of improving nitrogen use efficiency and emissions reductions."

CRDC is also looking to the future in terms of pesticide use, taking into account developments around the world in pesticide use and approval. Preparedness for any changes to licencing of pesticides that are cornerstone products of cotton growing is imperative.

"As a result, we’re working with the industry around potential ‘loss of pesticides’ scenarios: asking and considering some serious questions, which are outlined in this edition," said Ian.

Click here to view Spotlight Spring 2020.