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Seen this bustard? CottonInfo Birds on Cotton Farms app set to launch (9 September 2015)

The launch of the new Birds on Cotton Farms mobile app will be a part of a family wildlife spotlight night and barbecue at Cecil Plains on Queensland’s Darling Downs in October.

CottonInfo Natural Resource Management Technical Specialist Stacey Vogel said CottonInfo has partnered with the Focus on Feathers group and Millmerran Landcare to hold the event which will include spotlighting for birds and other wildlife.

This includes getting close up with the one of nature’s cotton pest predators – the tiny microbats. Greg Ford, author of Birds on Cotton Farms, will be on hand to explain how birds can contribute to the sustainability on farms and help participants identify the range of nocturnal animals which participants are sure to find.

Stacey said the new Birds on Cotton Farms mobile app, which will be launched at the event, will assist growers to identify birds on their farms and understand how to manage their habitats.

“The exciting feature of this new app is a monitoring tool which will allow growers to monitor the diversity and abundance of birds that can be found on their farm and in the surrounding landscapes,” she said.

The event is free and will be held on Sunday October 4 at 4:30pm at “Bemarng” Cecil Plains.

For directions and to book contact Stacey Vogel on 0428 266 712 or via

The app, which received funding support from CRDC, will be available for download at after the launch in October.