Nuffield scholarships for two young cotton growers (19 September 2014)

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Two cotton growers - Tom Quigley of Trangie, and Matt McVeigh of Dalby - have been awarded prestigious Nuffield Scholarships at an awards ceremony in Launceston overnight.

Nuffield is a unique program that awards primary producers with a life-changing scholarship to travel overseas and study an agricultural topic of choice. Considered the leading program for primary producers in Australia, Nuffield has been providing scholarships for farmers for over 60 years, building a network of 300 Australian scholars who have extended their knowledge and skills through their experience in global agriculture. 

Tom manages Quigley Farms with his family, a mixed 6000 hectare farming enterprise including up to 600 hectares of cotton (when water is available). Tom will travel to the USA, China and Israel under his Nuffield scholarship to study growing cotton under pressurised overhead sprinkler irrigation.

Matt manages the southern operations of his family’s 6000 hectare farming enterprise, including cotton and sorghum on irrigated and dryland country. Matt will research methods to improve the quality of cotton, and will travel to China, Korea, India, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt and the USA.

CRDC is a proud supporter of the Nuffield Scholarship program, supporting cotton growers to undertake the program in partnership with Cotton Australia. Tom and Matt's Nuffield Scholarships are proudly supported by CRDC and Cotton Australia.

Pictured: Trangie cotton grower, Tom Quigley.