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Major achievements in cotton RD&E in 2016-17 (27 November 2017)

CRDC's Annual Report has today been published, highlighting a range of cotton RD&E achievements for the 2016-17 year.

As the Annual Report outlines, our role is to invest in RD&E on behalf of cotton growers and the government, with the outcomes boosting the productivity and profitability of our industry. RD&E, and its resulting innovations, are a key driving force behind the Australian cotton industry’s continued success.

In 2016-17, we invested $24.1 million into 350 RD&E projects in collaboration with 122 research partners and growers who conducted on-farm trials, across five key program areas: farmers, industry, customers, people and performance.

These investments achieved real impact for cotton growers, the industry and the wider community during 2016-17, as outlined in the infographic below and the Annual Report itself.