Pictured at this week's ICAC plenary meeting: Allan Williams of CRDC, Alison McMorrow of the Department of Agriculture, and Kai Hughes, Executive Director of ICAC.

International Cotton Advisory Committee meeting held in Brisbane

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December 5, 2019

This week, 360 delegates from 40 countries converged on Brisbane for the annual International Cotton Advisory Committee Plenary Meeting. 

The International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC) is an association of governments from cotton producing, consuming and trading countries - the only global intergovernmental group for cotton and cotton textiles. ICAC exists to assist members in fostering a healthy world cotton economy; raising awareness, providing information and serving as a catalyst for cooperative action of issues of international significance. 

This week's meeting - the 78th Plenary Meeting - focused on the theme global leadership: pushing cotton's boundaries.

The event was hosted by the Australian Government and Australian cotton industry organisations CRDC, Cotton Australia and the Australian Cotton Shippers Association. Australia was represented at the event by official Australian delegate, Alison McMorrow of the Department of Agriculture, who also served as the Chair of the Australian organising committee. CRDC's General Manager of R&D, Allan Williams, was Vice Chair of the committee. 

“ICAC hosts its annual plenary meeting in a different country each year, bringing together government and industry representatives from 40 cotton producing and consuming countries. This is only the second time ICAC has been hosted by Australia (the first some 19 years ago); so it provided a fantastic opportunity to showcase Australia’s cotton industry to a global audience, to continue to build strong relationships with our fellow cotton producing countries and our customers, and to discuss some of the challenges and opportunities facing cotton worldwide," Allan said. 

Allan is also chair of the ICAC Social, Environmental & Economic Performance (SEEP) committee.