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Growers spot top research priorities for 2017-18 (24 May 2016)

CRDC hosted its second annual R&D Strategy Forum in Brisbane today, bringing together cotton growers on Cotton Australia's grower advisory panels to help determine the industry's future research priorities.

The Forum is the first step in CRDC's procurement process for the 2017-18 funding round, and helps to synthesise the key research needs of the industry. The Forum focused on four of CRDC's key strategic program areas: farmers, industry, customers and people, with growers and other participants from across the industry identifing research needs, gaps and opportunities.

Following today's Forum, CRDC will develop guidelines for researchers around these priority areas, then call for researchers to submit Full Research Proposals in response. The guidelines will provide details for researchers around the issue to be addressed and the outcomes the industry wishes to achieve.

For more information on CRDC's procurement process, please visit the For Researchers section of this website.