Growers invited to Field to Fabric training course (27 May 2014)

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Have you ever wondered whether agricultural practices, storage, ginning and handling of cotton have an impact upon the quality of the end product? Then the Field to Fabric training course is for you!

The course, run by CSIRO’s Dr Rene van der Sluijs with funding from the Cotton Research and Development Corporation, looks at cotton quality and how it is managed at all stages of the cotton pipeline: from on-farm to the finished fibre product. The course is designed for all involved in cotton, from growers to technologists, and looks at how all segments of the industry operate and relate to each other. 

The course program covers global perspectives, variety selection, agronomy, fibre properties, harvesting, ginning, classing, marketing, yarn manufacture, fabric formation, dyeing, finishing and printing, and environmental issues.

The 2014 Field to Fabric training course will be held at CSIRO’s Textile and Fibre Technology facility in Victoria on 25-27 August 2014. Places are limited and are filled on a first come, first served basis. To request a course program and registration form, please contact CSIRO on 03 5246 4000