A group of farmers from the Northern Territory and Western Australia got their first look at a cotton crop on a tour down south through a Grassroots Grant. “Not only did we learn more about the way the crop is grown; but how the industry operates."

Giving back to growers through Grassroots

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July 1, 2020

CRDC's annual Grassroots Grants program is now open, with grants of up to $10,000 available to cotton grower associations (CGAs) to support local projects. To date, 77 projects have been supported, which has seen nearly $670,000 going back to local grower organisations.

Applications for this year open today - July 1 - and as usual, work on a first-in best dressed basis, so if you or your CGA has a great idea, program, infrastructure or research angle you’ve been sitting on, apply today!  

These small grants can be just what is needed to get on-farm trials, demonstrations or workshops off the ground. They’ve been used to help growers with agtech queries, address emerging issues such as pests or disease, start on-farm trials and build weather stations. They’ve even been used to write a book! A Dam Good Story: 40 years of Irrigation from the Fairbairn Dam, captured the facts and stories of those involved in the construction of the Fairbairn Dam and the first 40 years of the enormous benefits it has provided irrigators, industries and the community of the Central Highlands, Queensland. The stories within this book are a precious history of the farming families and the community.

The opportunities offered through the grants include intrinsic value too, such as fostering collaboration, improving research skills for non-researchers through on-farm and grower-led research and peer-to-peer learning.

The Grassroots Grants guidelines and the application form are available here. Applications should include a timeline, accurate costings, the likely learning outcomes, and the overall benefits of the project for the industry.