An eye on the horizon: CRDC hosts futures forums (29 September 2014)

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As part of the Cotton Futures program, CRDC will this week host three futures forums, designed to help identify areas of priority for future research and development (R&D) funding. 

The forums will each focus around one of CRDC's three futures themes: profitable futures, sustainable futures and competitive futures.

The forums will continue the discussion from the last futures forum, held in late 2013, with the aim of challenging assumptions about the way Australian cotton is produced and used; identifying new ways to produce and use cotton in the future; and identifying the areas where CRDC should focus its investment.

The purpose of the Cotton Futures program, and the resulting R&D investment in this area, is to ensure that the Australian cotton industry can continue to remain profitable, competitive and sustainable in the face of many challenges - like volatility in production, prices and climate, rising input costs, shortages of skilled staff, cotton’s declining share of the global fibre market, greater consumer awareness and rapidly emerging technologies. Investment in futures R&D aims to turn many of these challenges in opportunities for Australian cotton growers. 

For more information on our futures work, please visit the Cotton Futures page on this site.