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CRDC signs on to SataCrop

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September 16, 2020

CRDC has recently entered into an agreement to support SataCrop, the tool designed to mitigate the risk of spray drift by allowing operators to understand where sensitive crops are located in proximity to their spray operation. This industry initiative was developed by Cotton Australia and Precision Cropping Technologies.

SataCrop has the ability to map all crop types, including cotton, grains and tree crops and can be used all year round. Growers can log in and plot the location of fields they have planted with different crops each season. Other farmers and spray contractors can review the site when planning spray applications to see the location of potentially sensitive neighbouring crops. This, coupled with vigilance around spray conditions, wind directions, and application helps to reduce adverse effects of spray drift.

In its first year (the 2019-20 season), 63 per cent of cotton crops were mapped on SataCrop. The range of crops mapped included cotton, cotton refuges, barley, wheat, chickpeas, citrus, corn,  grapes, macadamia, sorghum and soybeans. One of the advantages of SataCrop is that once fields are entered they do not need to be re-entered each season; users can simply change their crop type to reflect what is happening on farm. 

“Cotton Australia have been very encouraged by the rapid uptake and positive feedback from users following the first year of SataCrop,” Cotton Australia's Sally Ceeney said.

“The project partners will continue to review and enhance the usability of the program into the future.”

To map your crops, visit SataCrop