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Cotton research highlighted at researchers conference (11 September 2015)

Some 200 cotton researchers came together at the Australian Cotton Research Conference in Toowoomba this week to discuss scientific discoveries and present their research findings.

Hosted by the Association of Australian Cotton Scientists, the conference featured over 130 presentations from cotton researchers across a diverse range of research subjects – from plant breeding, pathology and entomology to energy, carbon, climate, soil health and nutrition, NRM, irrigation, fibre and processing, and social science.

As part of CRDC’s investment into cotton research, development and extension (RD&E), we funded many of the projects featured at the Conference, and supported the Conference itself. The abstracts from all the projects featured at the Conference are available via the Conference website

Pictured at the Conference: Cotton growers Glenn Rogan, Renee Anderson, Matt McVeigh and Cleave Rogan (CRDC Deputy Chair).