CRDC Executive Director Dr Ian Taylor at today's forum with growers.

Cotton growers meet to review RD&E proposals

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November 20, 2019

Cotton growers have today met in Sydney to discuss research proposals with CRDC's R&D team, as part of Cotton Australia's General Meeting. 

CRDC meets with the Cotton Australia research advisory panels, comprised of cotton growers and representatives of the Cotton Grower Associations, twice a year to seek input into the annual research, development and extension research (RD&E) proposals. The first meeting, held in May annually, ascertains growers' priorities for RD&E, while the second meeting, held in November, provides growers with the opportunity to provide feedback on research proposals developed in response to these priorities. 

From here, CRDC's R&D Managers and the CRDC board meet to discuss the research proposals, with the Board determining the successful applicants in their February meeting.