Cotton 2040: aligning international cotton sustainability impact metrics

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September 25, 2020

While the Australian cotton industry has had a major focus on sustainability in 2020, so too has the global cotton industry.

During 2020, CRDC, Cotton Australia and the Australian cotton industry’s Sustainability Working Group have been working together on the PLANET. PEOPLE. PADDOCK sustainability framework for the Australian cotton industry: releasing the 2019 Australian Cotton Sustainability Report, and working to set sustainability indicators and targets.

While this important work has been taking place domestically, internationally the global cotton industry is also focused on sustainability - particularly ensuring that brands and retailers keen to source sustainable cotton can access credible, consistent and comparable ways to measure impact data across the various cotton sustainability standards.

To address this, the Better Cotton Initiative, Cotton Connect, Cotton Made in Africa, Fairtrade, the Organic Cotton Accelerator, Textile Exchange, and Australia’s myBMP program (supported by CRDC and Cotton Australia), have been working collaboratively to align sustainability impact indicators and metrics. This work has occurred with advisory input from the International Cotton Advisory Committee and the ISEAL Alliance, and support from the Laudes Foundation.

The organisations – convened under the Cotton 2040 Impacts Alignment Workstream and The Delta Project – have today published a jointly-signed commitment statement, confirming their intention that the Delta Indicator Framework will become a credible and shared framework to guide impact measurement and reporting of core sustainability issues of relevance to the cotton sector.

To learn more about the shared framework, visit: