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Consultants reveal cotton's on-farm practices and attitudes (24 November 2017)

Each year, Crop Consultants Australia - with support from CRDC - conduct a qualitative survey of cotton consultants regarding their practices and attitudes, as well as those of their cotton grower clients.

The resulting report provides valuable information to the Australian cotton industry regarding on-farm practices, helping to benchmark the industry's performance in a range of key areas over time. The latest report - looking at the 2016-17 cotton season, has just been released today. 

65 cotton consultants participated in the survey, representing 513 cotton growers and covering 318,000 hectares, or 55 per cent of the Australian cotton production area for the 2016-17 season. The survey consisted of 65 quantitative and qualitative questions, which sought to draw out both the details of agronomic practices and consultants’ views of those practices. The questions focused on such topics as management constraints, planting, crop protection, water management, soil management and nitrition management. 

For more information, download the report