Autumn Spotlight magazine shines light on water productivity

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March 1, 2020

The Autumn edition of CRDC's Spotlight magazine is out! 

In this edition, we bring you:

  • a feature on the International Cotton Advisory Council’s (ICAC’s) Plenary Meeting held in Brisbane in December. In particular at ICAC, Australia's cotton RD&E was in the spotlight, which as ICAC Executive Director Kai Hughes says, has driven the efficiency, sustainability and productivity of Australian growers. While our growers have achieved yields of up to 2000 kilograms of lint per hectare, the world average is around 850 kilograms. Furthermore, we have one of the most robust research agendas in the world in terms of investment and number of researchers. The world is looking tous for guidance and we, as ICAC members, are on-hand to assist. Australian researchers, most supported by CRDC, featured heavily at the conference.
  • a new matrix for silverleaf whitefly management, developed by researchers led by QLD DAF’s Dr Richard Sequeira. A new mobile application is also being ground-tested to monitor whitefly. These two developments are a result of consultation with growers and agronomists, as we strive to manage pests in the most efficient and effective way.
  • a snapshot of our 2019 Grower Survey and the findings from 219 cotton growers.
  • the results of the most recent irrigation benchmarking survey, which shows our growers are becoming even more productive. Compared to the 2012-13 study, cotton growers have improved water productivity to 1.20 bales/ML, up 0.06 of a bale/ML on previous studies, where efficiency was 1.12–1.14 bales/ML. This is a credit to growers and researchers.
  • an update on the industry’s work in ensuring biosecurity preparedness: putting this plan into action with the arrival of fall armyworm in northern Australia. 

Download your copy of Spotlight here