Autumn Spotlight on Cotton R&D out now! (3 April 2014)

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The latest edition of the CRDC’s quarterly magazine, Spotlight, is now out. This issue, Autumn 2014, explores industry and on-farm issues, particularly around pest, weed and disease management as the 2013-14 crop nears its final stage.

Key topic list: Autumn 2014

  • Precisely the way to operate: a look at the 2013 Monsanto Cotton Growers of the Year
  • Mealybugs emerge as an issue at St George and the Darling Downs
  • Rogue cotton: free luxury accommodation for next season's pests and diseases
  • New herbicide resistance management strategy
  • World's first glyphostate-resistant sowthistle found at Gunnedah, heralding a stern warning
  • Cotton's ultimate pest nemesis arrives in Brazil
  • World's best science: basis of the Bollgard III RMP
  • Industry engagement in resistance management decision making
  • Improved understanding of cotton harvesting systems and grower practice

… and much more!

To read this edition of Spotlight, click here.