Air temperature in real time

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November 6, 2019

CSD has collaborated with CSIRO and USDA with support from CRDC in developing a new day degree calculator to assist with crop management.

“By contributing data to validate the equations across the industry, we envisage enhanced functionality and development of this tool, and encourage feedback from industry,” CSD’s Extension and Marketing Lead James Quinn said.

The online day degree calculator uses weather station data from more than 70 weather stations across NSW, Queensland, Victoria, the Northern Territory and Western Australia, based on daily maximum and minimum temperatures, to provide an indication of the amount of crop development expected on a given day.

“CSD’s Day Degree Calculator will be an asset for in-field assessments, particularly in conjunction with our other apps under development,” James said.

“Users will be able to quickly access day degree accumulation from their phone or tablet for real-time data.”

A handy download option accompanies the calculation. This allows users to download a csv file of minimum and maximum temperatures, as well as for all data. Daily and accumulative day degree data is also provided for easy graphing, and a Google map accompanies the chosen site to confirm location.