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Our Team

CRDC’s small but dedicated team of skilled and experienced staff actively manage the RD&E investment portfolio to achieve the cotton industry’s strategic goals. Our internal capacity is an important element of the overall effectiveness of RD&E investment for the cotton industry.


 Dr Ian Taylor 
 Executive Director



R&D Investment

 Allan Williams 
 General Manager,
 R&D Investment

 Susan Maas 
 R&D Manager


 Dr Meredith (Merry) Conaty
 R&D Manager


 Elle Storrier 
 R&D Manager (Contractor)


 Stacey Vogel
 R&D Manager (Contractor)


 Rachel Holloway
 R&D Manager (Contractor)


 Dr Jarrod Ward
 Manager (Contractor)

 Ben Simpson
 Monitoring & Evaluation
 Manager (CRDC/SRA)

 Megan Baker
 Project Administration 


 Lynda George
 Project Administration


 Callie Hudson

 Project Administration/Receptionist








 Warwick Waters
 CottonInfo Program Manager




 Ruth Redfern
 Communications Manager



Business & Finance

 Graeme Tolson
 General Manager,
 Business and Finance

 Emily Luff 


 Jeevi Arjunan
Accounts Officer 


 Christie Hunt

 Executive Assistant