CRDC is the organisation leading investment in R&D for the Australian cotton industry.

Successful crop protection




CRDC R&D theme 1.1

Outcome: Cotton crops protected from pest, weed and disease threats.

  We will achieve this by
1.1.1 Monitoring and investigating the ecological behaviours and responses of cotton pest, weeds and diseases
1.1.2 Testing practices that deliver improved management of insect pests, weeds and diseases
1.1.3 Improving capacity, knowledge and adoption of techniques to successfully protect the cotton crop

When making applications for CRDC R&D funding, researchers should refer to the theme table above,  noting the theme number and theme description.

Measures of success in the Successful Crop Protection theme

Farmers are able to improve their crop management practices based on sound science.

  • 85% of farmers adopting improved practices that reduce the reliance on pesticide inputs.
  • 50% of farmers adopting improved practices that reduce the incidence of insect pests, weeds and diseases affecting cotton on their farm.
  • World class science foundations for managing ecological adaptations in cotton insect pests, weeds and diseases

Theme program manager

This theme is managed by Tracey Levin.

Current projects in this R&D theme                                               Principal researcher         Research host
IPM for Silverleaf whitefly and emerging pests in central regions  Lewis Wilson  CSIRO
Management of mirids, stinkbugs and Solenopsis mealybug  Moazzem Khan  QDAFF
Host-endosymbiont relationships for silverleaf whitefly suppression
in cotton
 Sharon Brunschott  UQ
Microbial solutions for sustainable cotton and soil health management  Lily Pereg  UNE
Diseases of Cotton X – 1 year extension  Karen Kirkby  NSW DPI
Fusarium wilt management  Linda Smith  QDAFF
Updating and expanding Weedpak in support of the cotton industry
& myBMP
 Graham Charles  NSW DPI
Improved Integrated Weed Management systems in transgenic
farming landscapes
 Jeff Werth  QDAFF
Development of technologies for real-time precision sensing of
infield weeds
 Cheryl McCarthy  NCEA
Microbial tools for advancing the management of soil and
seedling health in cotton production systems
 Sarah Cooper  UNE