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Cotton growing can often involve the need to make many difficult and complex decisions. In addition to the help provided by myBMP and CottonInfo, Australian cotton growers also have free access to a range of continually-updated web tools.

Developed by CSIRO Plant Industry and CRDC (along with the former Cotton Catchment Communities CRC), the tools can help growers refine their management decisions by analysing specific crop information using the latest climate data and research knowledge.

Register for your free account at the CottASSIST website to access all of the following tools:

  • Crop development tool – uses daily temperature data (day degrees) to predict cotton development.
  • Day degree report – predicts crop progress throughout the season using local weather data and sowing time, and compares to previous years.
  • Last effective flower tool – predicts the data after which a flower is no longer likely to have sufficient time to complete development into an open boll.
  • Helicoverpa diapause induction and emergence tool ­– predicts the percentage of Helicoverpa armigera pupae going into diapause and when they’re like to emerge as moths.

  • Aphid and mite yield loss indicators – estimates a rate of aphid or mite pest increase and the potential effect on yield.
  • NutriLOGIC - uses information collected from soil, petiole and leaf tests to interpret levels of major nutrients needed for production to generate optimal fertiliser recommendations.
  • Seasonal climate analysis – helps analyse seasonal variability or regional influences on crop performance by comparing rainfall, day degrees, number of cold and hot days with long term averages and probabilities.
  • Silverleaf Whitefly (SLW) threshold tool ­– tracks the development of SLW populations against control thresholds.
  • Water quality calculator – helps to calculate the water quality resulting from missing water from different sources and highlights potential impacts on yield.