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New online home for CottonInfo! (27 Jan 2015)

CottonInfo, the cotton industry's joint extension program, has a new website:

The program, proudly supported by CRDC, Cotton Australia and CSD, is designed to connect growers with research and provide information to the industry, when and where they need it. 

On the new website you will find:

  • News about what's happening right now in the season; what you need to look out for, and information to help you get the maximum quality and yield from your cotton crop.
  • Details on all the CottonInfo topics, from water and weeds to pest, insect and disease management, and many more!
  • The full range of cotton publications, from its flagship publications Australian Cotton Production Manual and the Cotton Pest Management Guide to ID guides, the PAK series, Spotlight magazine and a wide range of fact sheets on important topics.
  • The first of the CottonInfo Cotton Conversations audio podcasts, featuring grower John 'Cowboy' Cameron, with more to come! 
  • All CottonInfo newsletters: local ones from the regional development officers to the full archive of topical e-news and moisture managers.
  • 30+ videos on hot cotton topics featuring well known industry experts.
  • constantly updated events calendar, so you know what's on when in your area. View by date or location, and add events in your cotton growing valley.
  • Contact details for the 26 person strong team of regional development officers, technical specialists and myBMP experts!

CottonInfo is closely linked to the industry's best management program, myBMP and so, the site links with the myBMP  website: