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CRDC in the news: More native vegetation beneficial for cotton farms say producers (13 June 2019)

CRDC-supported researcher, Dr Rhiannon Smith from the University of New England, has spent 14 years working with the cotton industry, researching benefits for cotton growers by retaining and managing Australian native vegetation. In an article from the Armidale Express, she says the cotton industry now has a lot of information about native vegetation, and wants more trees on their farms.

Dr Smith is a member of the three year project trialling cost effective methods for broadacre revegetation on very heavy clay soils in semi-arid environments. The research is part of the larger Cotton Landcare Tech-Innovation project, funded by the CRDC in partnership with the National Landcare Program Smart Farming Partnerships initiative.

To read the story in full, visit the Armidale Express website:

Pictured: Dr Rhiannon Smith.