Partner with us: applications now open

Applications open for CRDC scholarships, scientific exchanges & human capacity research


CRDC's approach to seeking research partners has changed with our new Strategic RD&E Plan 2023-28, Clever Cotton.

We used to open our investment call once a year – under our new approach, investments are called on a rolling schedule.

All our current Expressions of Interest (EOIs) can be found on our website, so please bookmark our Expressions of Interest page and check back regularly! Plus we'll flag when the EOIs are live via our regular CRDC Under the Microscope e-newsletter specifically for researchers: to subscribe, click here (be sure to select 'researcher').

As of November 2023, we have five EOIs available for application:

EOI ID EOI Name Opening  Closing
221 CRDC Grassroots Grants 2023-24 June 2023 21 Dec 2023
226 CRDC Travel, Conference and Scientific Exchange 2023-24 June 2023 1 May 2024
232 CRDC Postgraduate Scholarships 2023-24 July  2023 30 Nov 2023
333 CRDC Summer and Honours Scholarships 2023-24 Sept 2023 30 Nov 2023
338 Assess CRDC's research capacity and capability to support cotton industry RD&E Sept 2023 30 Nov 2023


To apply, follow this process. For further information, contact the CRDC Innovation Administration team on 02 6792 4088 or via